lyra001The style of an illustration in a book determines the atmosphere of the whole novel. That is why I attach less importance to realistic realisation but more to the basic atmosphere of the drawing.

Text and drawings make everything possible – even things, that are not supposed to exist can be awaken in our imagination through a small artwork.

In general, the illustrations are created together with the author. I’m specialised in the creation of characters and their actions – it may be in cartoon or sketchy style; a schematic presentation to explain a certain context or a simple page decoration.

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Illustration in the book "Mit Hunden sein" by Eva Windisch
Illustration in the book “Mit Hunden sein” by Eva Windisch

Books illustrated by Jaana Hoffmann:

  • 2011: “Mit Hunden sein – ein anderer Weg” by Eva Windisch
  • 2012: “Mit Pferden sein – Körper, Sinne, Seele” by Sabine Birmann